Shy at first sight, Queer blossoms once the door closes behind him. A philosophy student, he analyses the scene with his curious eyes and waits silently at the living room while we set the background. We put makeup on his face and talk about the pictures. “Is good to have a mask first, it helps to be more comfortable”. He dresses in a small white shorts and goes in front of the camera. The moment the flash goes off we know already: he’s a natural. His hands slowly touches his body, discovering the skin as it was the first time he was touching it. His curious eyes stare at the camera. The hand slides into his crotch, getting a full hold of his penis. “Can you take off your shorts, please?” The moment it goes down, a full erection. He strokes his dick and plays with his balls, seducing the camera – and us – with the intensity that only the shy ones have. He invites us to his private world, paints on his skin with the precum that keeps flooding from his desire. The door is closed, the lights are down. Maybe we’ll never leave. Why would we?


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